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Now that could be an awkward moment indeed.

Could be your husband, boyfriend, son or daughter, or even just your best friend but for some of our nearest and dearest, unless they are involved in some kind of sport/activity or hobby themselves, they will never understand the passion we can have for the game. And to ask us to give it up, could give us a dilemma we just couldn’t contemplate. Here are a 5 key facts for the cause, that you could put to them to convince them it’s all worth it…….should you ever be faced with such a dilemma!

  1. Due to netball being the fast-paced game it is, it will quickly boost your health and fitness levels. During a game of netball you can burn at least 450 calories; you’d be burning off more than three cans of Coca-Cola which come in at 139 calories per can, just by running around a court with your mates, once a week. Beats the gym any day!
  2. Netball is one of the fastest-growing participation levels of any sport for women, and with its fast-paced, intensive style providing a range of health benefits. Plus you get to meet women just like yourself! It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular team sports for women.
  3. The pace of a netball game means it’s a great calorie burner but it’s also fantastic for toning your legs – calves, thighs and buttocks all get a serious workout. Chest passes can also help tone the arms, shoulders, chest and back. Means you look and feel great as well as keeping fit – no more boring sessions in the gym lifting those weights to get your arms and legs beach ready.
  4. While speed and agility are prized attributes in a player at any level, being able to read the game is what keeps the pace up. Having a netball brain, and having a good understanding of the other players and anticipating what they will do, is what makes the game so intriguing. Netball is a like a game of chess, and a big challenge for the brain so it will always keep you on your toes when it comes to mental agility.
  5. As nails have to be kept short and smooth, netball is the only sport where players get a manicure (of sorts) before the game. Forget those nasty nail mishaps that mean you have to spend hours in the nail shop getting them fixed before a special occasion!

So if you are ever faced with the dreaded ultimatum, hopefully our 5 key facts will help convince your loved one that it’s all worth it coz……..


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