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League Rules

League Rules / Terms & Conditions

  • GAME DURATION: games will be 40 minutes – 4 x 8 minute quarters with an interval after each quarter.
  • SEASON DURATION: this will be determined by the individual venue and on registering it will be clearly set out on the website. Entering into a league as a team or as an individual means a commitment to the whole season.
  • LEAGUE TABLES/SCORING SYSTEM: league tables will be updated weekly by our administrators. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.
  • FORFEITS/CANCELLATIONS: teams may not postpone fixtures, and if that is the case games will not be rescheduled. NETS-HAVEAGAME reserves the right to postpone fixtures at any time, but will reschedule any such fixtures at no extra cost to the teams involved. Fees will not be refunded in the event or cancellation.
  • GAME START TIME: games will always start at the designated time and it is the player’s responsibility to ensure they are at the venue in good time to have nails and jewellery checked. Lateness results in shorter games. If a team does not have the minimum number of players (5) at the designated start time of a game, one goal per minute will be awarded to the opposing team. If a team still does not have 5 players, 10 minutes after the designated start time the match will be forfeited and the game awarded to the opposing team. If this happens we will endeavour to arrange a friendly or some coaching for the duration of the time left.
  • CAPTAINS’S ROLE: as the team captain you are agreeing to the NETS-HAVEAGAME leagues and playing rules as set out on the website. It is the responsibility of the captain to be the primary contact for the team and all players involved. By allowing a player to take part in a club’s match, you are confirming that a player is aware of and will abide by these rules.
  • SUBSITUTIONS: at NETS-HAVEAGAME, all our games are officiated to All England Netball Rules, so those rules will apply to all substitutions during the game. Substitutions can only be made during official intervals, unless replacing an injured player. (Please refer to our rules section for further guidance)
  • INJURIES: There is no injury time. Therefore, if a player is injured the clock will not stop, although every effort will be made to resume play as soon as possible.  If an injured player is unable to continue playing, a substitution should be made without further delay.  If the injured player’s team does not have any substitutes, then the players on court, from both teams, can swap positions if desired so the game can continue. In the event of serious injury, a report will be submitted by the umpire(s) to NETS-HAVEAGAME who will subsequently decide whether the time remaining will be played at a later date.
  • RINGERS: are allowed to make up the team numbers if necessary, but can only participate according to the substitutions rule above. Please refer to our FACEBOOK page as a means of finding ringers to fill in.
  • JEWELERY AND NAILS: The safety of all players is of paramount importance to us and the rules of netball do not allow you to play whilst wearing any jewellery. All bracelets, bangles, watches, necklaces, piercings, on or around the face, in, on or around the ears or anywhere else must be removed before you step on to court. Only gloves issued to players for medical reasons are allowed to be worn, and any hats, scarves etc with adornments will need to be removed. Long hair must be tied back and not impeding any player. The only exception to that rule is you may wear a wedding ring or medical alert bracelet, but these must be appropriately and securely taped to avoid injury to yourself or others. Nails must be short and smooth. You cannot tape fingernails or piercings. (Please refer to our rules section for further guidance)
  • CLOTHING/FOOTWEAR: Players must wear suitable clothing and training shoes. Shoe laces must be securely tied before a game. Time allowances will not be given at any point for someone to tie their laces.
  • PLAYERS/TEAM NUMBERS: all players must be over 16 years of age. Teams to have a maximum number of 10 players per team. Players who are more than 12 weeks pregnant may not take part.
  • WEATHER(outdoor venues only): netball is an all weather sport therefore games will only be cancelled if it becomes unsafe to play due to extreme weather conditions. Teams will be notified by 6pm if the decision to cancel is made.  Games cancelled because of extreme weather conditions will be rescheduled for another week.
  • WITHDRAWALS: A team cannot withdraw from a league once the league has begun. Any team that wishes to withdraw from a league with games still remaining will lose the remaining fees.
  • REFUNDS: before the start of a season refunds will be given within 14 days of making payment if NETS-HAVEAGAME are given subsequent notice, as per the governments cooling off period regulations.
  • FIRST AID– adequate first aid equipment will be provided in the kit bag and professional medical staff will be contacted immediately if the need arises.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP: at NETS-HAVEAGAME we want you to enjoy playing netball with us, make friends, have fun and improve your netball skills, whilst always maintaining a sporting attitude towards all players and staff. We appreciate games can become competitive and intense at times, but we do expect all our players to treat everyone, players and umpires alike with respect and dignity. You can still be competitive whilst showing good sportsmanship at all times. (Please refer to our Code of Conduct for further guidance)
  • UMPIRES: have complete control of the game and their decision is final. Any clarification of rules must be requested during the intervals or after a game, not during the game. Any behaviour by players deemed unacceptable by the umpires may result in suspension and/or rejection from a game or ultimately the league. (Please refer to our Code of Conduct for further guidance)
  • PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND LIABILITY INSURANCE: All players take part in the leagues entirely at their own risk and NETS-HAVEAGAME do not accept liability for any personal injury or loss/damage to property however caused.  We therefore recommend that players/teams take out their own insurance policies to cover such eventualities if they feel it is necessary.
  • WAIVERS: on registering you will be required to acknowledge you have read and understood our waiver. These will be presented by the umpires on game day 1 and must be signed and completed by every player before participating at the start of each new season.
  • FURTHER INFORMATION: NETS-HAVEAGAME reserves the right to alter these rules/terms and conditions at any time during a season. We may also change the match night, time or venue where necessary and will notify all players of any amendments via email. Any complaints must be submitted in writing to NETS-HAVEAGAME, within seven days of the event. Email:

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